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Holographs R Us

Luri's Thread of Shamelessness!

I finally mustered up the courage to post up some art here. I digitally paint everything with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and/or Corel Painter 11. No Star Wars stuff yet, but maybe soon! (I totally owe Ehlina a painting!)Luri's Professional Website! RA...
Small Tiergan-Lurial 6y
Tiergan-Lurial222665Small Tiergan-Lurial 5y
Holographs R Us

The battle bones verison
Small Calthan 5y
Calthan12966Small Calthan 5y
Holographs R Us

Another video. Sorta.

I know there is a place for screenshots but I've got almost 2gigs of screenshots and instead of posting I few I thought it would be more fun to make an montage of some of the things I've screenshottedEnjoy
Small Calthan 6y
Calthan4609Small Aiden Flux 5y
Holographs R Us

There are many paths to the Dark Side...

A Control+Alt+Delete comic.... Want To Buy that droid disruptor from the "True Republic" Coruscant mission.
Small Bron Cuthus 5y
Bron Cuthus5888Small Elaithis 5y
Holographs R Us

"Sithy's" random closet

Thought I'd follow suit with Tier and make a "random thread". :PAnd I found this in the -weird- part of YouTube.. Enjoy!
Small Auditorei 5y
Auditorei5571Small Auditorei 5y
Holographs R Us

Docking Bay 94 from the Lair of Voltaire

Fun video from Voltaire, famous artist and also the voice of Grim on the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.Docking Bay 94 from the 'original' movies. Also a peek at "Cantina" at the end.
Small Adexi Khalgaryen 6y
Adexi Khalgaryen 1343Small Adexi Khalgaryen 6y
Holographs R Us

Hilarious Youtube vid!

Just in case you hate, don't look at, or don't have Facebook, this was posted on the guild page.I cracked up!
Small Adexi Khalgaryen 6y
Adexi Khalgaryen 3465Small Calily 6y
Holographs R Us


So here are some of the digital paintings I do. I love environments, hope you enjoy!These are really, really old. I haven't updated my blog site in a long time. I'll post some new stuff if I get a chance!
Small ANJÜ 6y
ANJÜ122904Small Tiergan-Lurial 6y
Holographs R Us

Finished my ToR video welcome!
Small Calthan 6y
Calthan6766Small Aiden Flux 6y
Holographs R Us

Another video

version 2 of a ToR video I've tossed together. It's still a work in progress but wanted to give you guys a preview.
Small Calthan 6y
Calthan5625Small Aiden Flux 6y
Holographs R Us

Mikael Novasun

I love photoshop, and the look of the Imperial Knights from Star Wars Legacy.
Small Mikael Novasun 6y
Mikael Novasun81095Small ANJÜ 6y
Holographs R Us

Yisel Korin

Here is my "artist's" rendition of what I think Yisel should look like...
Small Linnon 6y
Linnon111439Small ANJÜ 6y
Holographs R Us

Lyriol Jiraad Vahalor

Lyriol on Taris. Don't have scanner, so this is from my cell phone.
Small A'tiraan Vulindi 6y
A'tiraan Vulindi8944Small ANJÜ 6y
Holographs R Us

My new avatar

Went to Disney World yesterday and came back with a Donald as "Han Solo" figuring, so I decided that since I can't put up a picture of my character and everyone else is using pictures from screenshots and videos in game that I'd use this one for n...
Small Sulail (Talrol) 6y
Sulail (Talrol)6840Small Sulail (Talrol) 6y
Holographs R Us

Alynna Var

I cheated and used the Champions Online character creator to make Alynna Var. Here is how she currently looks.
Small Calthan 6y
Calthan131446Small Khemiq Toth 6y
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