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Imperial Holonet

[Pinned] New Mumble Server

There is a new server up and running, hosted officially by the guild. So far it has a 15-person cap, but this can be raised if we are consistently hitting that cap.Info:tcv.mumble.com9388Password is the same as before, ask someone privately if yo...
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Imperial Holonet

[Pinned] Guild Structure and Opportunities to Contribute to the Vanguard!

Hello, everyone.I'm quite pleased with the move so far, and I can tell it has invigorated most of you as it has myself. We'll be able to get more of a sense of where the Vanguard is at as people transfer over, and by this weekend we should have a...
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The Game

[Pinned] Character Server Transfers - Official Guild Policy

Hey, everyone. So Bioware has announced that these are going to be available next Tuesday (the 12th of June) but has not yet released information on origin OR destination servers.As far as The Vanguard goes, I cannot help but notice our general l...
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[Pinned] PvP Information

[Pinned] PvP Information

This is <WIP> There are so many things related to PvP and I'm here to help break it down for you. The most important thing to remember is to have fun! If you don't like it then that is okay! Members of the Coruscant Vanguard are not requ...
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[Pinned] Novare Coast Warzone

- Novare Coast Warzone - Story - This is Marshal Toth calling on all members of the Coruscant Vanguard. Denova is a world rich in resources including a lot of baradium ore. Some mercenaries have seized the planet and we need to take it back before...
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The Landing Pad

[Pinned] The Guild Leader's Introduction

I love that everyone is getting to know one another, and I feel that's one thing that's very important when it comes to feeling like a tight knit guild. I also think that I might still be somewhat of a mystery to a few members, though I was the f...
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Character Biographies

[Pinned] Things to keep in mind for Character Backstories

I hate to admit it but I am a stickler for staying true to game related events and timelines. It lends more validity to our characters, and their backgrounds. I was reading through some of the character backgrounds and saw some inconsistencies. My...
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Imperial Holonet

[Pinned] The Main Guild Storyline Arc

I am posting this thread and will be personally updating it so that people who are new or have missed RP events that relate to the guild's main plotline can reminisce or catch up to what is going on and not be left in the dust. It is also a great...
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PVE Discussion

[Pinned] Schedules for Hard Modes

Hey guys! So we got a lot of fresh 50s coming up and are wanting to do Operations already, unfortunately Operations are no place for a new 50. We understand your want to run the Operations as a guild, but having an undergeared player will hurt the...
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PVE Discussion

[Pinned] I'm 50, now what?

Alright! I just got done with my awesome story line, which kicked ass and made me shed some love tears for TOR! Great! Good job and well done! Oh and congratulations at that! But.. Now what? I'm level 50 and I have nowhere to go. Well, there's act...
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[Pinned] Alderaan Warzone Information

- Alderaan Warzone -Story - This is Marshal Toth calling all members of the Coruscant Vanguard. As some of you may know the Monarch of Alderaan has passed away and there is a power struggle going on. Mainly between House Ulgo and House Organa....
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[Pinned] Huttball Warzone Information

Huttball WarzoneStory - This is Marshal Toth informing the members of the Coruscant Vanguard of a little game on Nar Shadda called "Huttball." As we all know, the Imperials are becoming more and more aggressive with each passing day. We need to fi...
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[Pinned] Voidstar Warzone Information

- Voidstar Warzone -Story - This is Marshal Toth calling all members of the Coruscant Vanguard. It has come to my attention that some of our contacts in the SIS have found an Imperial battle cruiser floating in space from the last war. It may ...
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Crew Skills

[Pinned] Guild Crafter List (Discussion)

Over in this thread, you can find the list of all guild members who have volunteered to craft for members.This thread discusses how to get your name on and use that other thread. Please keep discussion here so we can keep the crafter list thread c...
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Roleplay Discussion and Planning

[Pinned] Roleplaying Resources

Kindly borrowed from the good people at, this thread is for compiling resources for new and experienced roleplayers. 100 Questions to Ask About Your CharacterMary Sue Litmus TestSegellion's Roleplaying CodexWade Wilson -- Internet Dr...
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PVE Discussion

[Pinned] To Those Interested in Becoming Class Leaders!

I wanted to make a thread so that you'd be able to make yourselves known. As it stands there are no official Class Leaders, save for one. I also haven't fully expounded on what a Class Leader's duties might be based on what we currently know abo...
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Imperial Holonet

[Pinned] The Coruscant Vanguard...Now on Facebook!

From the SWTOR Forum Originally:Haha, at the risk of seeming horribly cliche, I asked a handful of members if it was a good idea to create our very own personal Facebook Group! After a unanimous 'Huzzah!' I have come to present you the current p...
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Imperial Holonet

A Memoir

Ararius sat in the Republic fleet cantina sipping his drink slowly. His memories drifting back years to when this place bustled with the members of the Coruscant Vanguard. So long since he had stood by the beloved Vanguard Commander Aiden Flux.....
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The Cantina

Kaaso and Gowan shoot Zombies :D

A few of you seemed at least somewhat interested in Day Z. My work schedule is pretty nuts right now, and I don't have the time to type anything solid up, but Kaaso and I have been tooling around in the dead-infested nation of Chernarus together ...
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Imperial Holonet

Potential Merger with Trinosce

Evening all;As most of you probably know, the guild is not doing so well. An option on the table to deal with this is a possible merger with Trinosce, an RP heavy guild we are already allied with. I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this, so p...
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