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#6019761 Apr 24, 2012 at 09:29 PM
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The event will be held on the evening of Friday April 27th.

The location is Tatooine.

Here is the RP scenario...

Among the passengers of the ill-fatted ship, the Stardream, was a Jedi Master carrying a data disk containing important information for the Archangel Accord. A rakghoul outbreak onboard caused the ship to crash on Tatooine, nearly resulting a galactic pandemic. The Jedi Master survived the crash and managed to hide the data disk on the site before succumbing to the plague. The Archangel Accord and the Obsidian Crusaders are gearing up their forces to secure the crash site so they can search for the data disk.

All participants must remain with their PVP FLAGS OFF until the hosts (Kreight, Ehlina, Harbinger, Bel'ak, and Martonikas) tell you to flag. If you flag early or if you arrive flagged, then we will ask you to leave and return once you are unflagged. That will most likely mean you would miss the event, so please do not flag early.

Obsidian Crusaders will gather at Outpost Zarosh.

The Archangel Accord will gather at Outpost Salara.

Please do your best to get to your outpost before 9pm EST.

The hosts will be using /yell when speaking as a host.

From 9pm to 9:20pm EST, the hosts will start by going over the rules of the event, like I am doing here. This will also be the time for people to RP and make "battle plans" ICly.

At 9:20pm EST the hosts will lead everyone to the battlefield/crashsite. There will be about 10 minutes of cross-faction RP time. You can also use this time to take up positions, but remember... PVP FLAGS ARE STILL OFF.

At 30 seconds to 9:30, the hosts will tell you to flag, but DO NOT ATTACK!

At 9:30pm EST, the hosts will give the signal to begin PvP. One round. No respawns. No self revives (i.e. medprobes.). Combat rezz is allowed. Last side with living combatants is the winner ICly.

Even if you are not into PvP, come anyway to RP, watch the PvP and take some screenshots or video recordings (like with FRAPS).

Pro-tip: You can toggle the UI with Alt+Z. This is especially helpful for recording video with a program like FRAPS. You also might want to turn off nameplates via preferences for extra realism.

Let me stress that this event is about the RP. The PvP serves as a variable for determining the direction the story will go for the next event. Winning or losing stays within the ICly. Thank you, and I hope I'll see you there.

Thank you,


This is the information about the event.

IC the Vanguard knows that the Imperials have been up to something recently on Tatooine but details are going to be sketchy.

Since the Vanguard has been dealing with the Deserenox event for the past week we're going to have it done as a "Call to Arms' call over guild chat between 8:00 to 8:30 pm.

Something like "Priority alert! All Vanguard needed" or something such as that.

Let me know if anyone has questions.
#6020125 Apr 24, 2012 at 11:00 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
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Imperials up so something on it fits right into the story I am working on for Yaz.....for while I am away.

Course friday night I will not be able to get on.

this does sound TOTES EPIC though!!!

Anyone feel free to mention that Yazmine is off somewhere doing aid work on Tatooine =D

I mean thousands of people just died on her homeworld
#6021420 Apr 25, 2012 at 05:18 AM
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Damn. Will try to be home in time for this.

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Thanks for this post! Will need to put it in the Calender.

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