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#6044086 Apr 29, 2012 at 08:35 AM
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Yesterday someone in the game asked about flashpoints, so Ive compiled the names levels and locations of all the basic Flashpoints and placed them here for all to see as taken from the Wiki website.

Name: lvl: Faction:
Black Talon 10 Imp
Esseles 10 Alli
Hammer Station 17 Both
Athiss 21 Both
Mandalorian Raiders 25 Both
Cademimu 29 Both
Boarding Party 33 Imp
Tarel V 33 Alli
The Foundry 37 Imp Need to do Boarding party
Maelstrom Prison 37 Alli Need to do Tarel V
Colicoid War Game 41 Both
Red Reaper 45 Both
Directive 7 49 Both
The Battle of Ilum 50 Both
The Flse Emperor 50 Both
Koan Under Siege 50 Both
Lost Island 50 Both

As I get time Ill throw up some info about each one individually.

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#6044134 Apr 29, 2012 at 08:50 AM
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The Esseles:

Board the Esseles (Group 2)

Quest level = 10, min level = 7

Location: Carrick Station: Coruscant Departures (Republic Fleet)
Priority Transport Officer gives the quest.

You can farm light/dark side points here easily
If you leave the ambassador on the ship, you get the "Backsabber" title.
If you save the Ambassador you get the "Uncomprimising" title.

"Thru the calmness of being does the Force flow freely."
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