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A potential ally of The Coruscant Vanguard.

Real name: [No Data Found]
Nickname: Cipher Agent 47 / Alek'sey / Chuck Finlee
Age: Late Twenties/Early Thirties
Species : Human with heavy cybernetic implantation.
Homeworld: [No Data Found]
Professions: Slicing [No Other Data Found]

Known Abilities: There is very little data available regarding the in, and out of, combat capabilities of Cipher 47. He excels at covering his tracks. What little data that has been pieced together over the years likely only scratches the surface of his operations within Imperial Intelligence.

Considered by many who work with the Hutt Cartel to be a bit of a boogeyman, few actually believe that he is anything more than a story attributed to the work of multiple agents and competing corporations. SIS files suggest that this is not the case. They can attribute the death of several minor Hutts who viewed the Empire unfavorably to a younger Agent 47. As he accrued experience and improved his techniques it became increasingly difficult to find information regarding this agent.

Marksmanship: What little footage can be pieced together from his early career work suggests that he is a crack shot with both disruptor rifles and blaster rifles. Sith and Jedi deaths can be attributed to Cipher 47 when very thorough investigative techniques were applied to several suspicious casualties in Hutt space and the seat of the Empire.

Operations: Evidence also suggest that he may have played a part in convincing a very minor Alderaanian house to cease supporting the Republic by impersonating a republic officer who was interested in marrying a nobleman and then breaking their heart. It is likely Alderaan is not the only planet in the core worlds that he's been active on.

Notable Skills: Hacking, Infiltration, Elimination. The scarcity of evidence that he exists beyond a certain time period seems to suggest that he is an expert at covering his tracks or that he died.

Equipment: Imperial Intelligence is known to supply its agents with everything from cutting edge cloaking tech to high yield explosives to top of the line disruptor rifles. What he might carry on his person is anyone's guess.

Implants: Over-eye heads up displays. Built in communication devices. Imperial Intelligence has access to top of the line cybernetic implants. Possible poison metabolizers, immunoboosters, and skeletal reinforcements. Mostly speculation.

Cipher Agent 47 at a glance: Fit, average looking, white male human. Hair color is a natural blonde, but is often dyed and styled differently. His clean shave and cybernetic implants are the only constants.

Imperial Navy Uniforms, Republic Formal-wear, trench coats, stylized armor, pictures of Agent 47 wearing all of these things have been found before, whether they are authentic or not is guesswork.

Contacts: Agent 47 likely has Jedi, Sith and neutral parties (mercenaries and bounty hunters) on what is certainly a long list of allies.

What you may know about Agent 47:

-If you do not have contacts within SIS, very well connected members of the Hutt Cartel or Imperial Intelligence, chances are you will not have heard of him at all. If you are a truly exceptional slicer, it's possible to piece together small bits of his background if given very serious attention. Even contacts within Imperial Intelligence have a hard time getting their hands on the above information, as his files are heavily redacted.

-Alek'sey is almost certainly not his real name, most likely it's a cover name he has grown on to.

-If you have contacts in SIS, you may get the feeling that they know more than they are letting on.

-An extremely persistent hacker might find that Cipher 47's operations do not always benefit the empire, and indeed, some actions he has taken to save civilians have been a detriment.

-Hackers might want to beware. Someone this concerned with guarding their past may be watching out for those who are looking to uncover it.

[ If you think your character should know more about Alek'sey, feel free to contact me! I'd be more than happy to talk about it with you. ]
a.k.a. Jess'ca
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