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((Extreme lack of knowledge on how courts work.. let alone in the Republic.. so this is going to be very blunt.))

Skia was under armed escort on Coruscant, bound with force-resistant cuffs. He was being taken to one of the courts in the senate building. He tried his best to not cause any trouble, though he couldn't help but tease them some.

As they entered the room, Skia recognized some of the people, some from Nar Shadda, others from Tython. He had taken a seat as the trial began.

A while into the trial he was asked a crucial question, to which he answered, "Not guilty". Though the deck was stacked against him by far, considering his background.

In the end if it all though, he was charged with attempted murder, trespassing, and meddling in republic affairs. The fact that he wasn't truly a republic citizen meant he couldn't be imprisoned, nor executed. This led them to doing the next best thing, exile from republic space. This meant he would not be allowed entry into republic-aligned worlds, and if he snuck on, he would be shot on sight. He didn't argue with them, he just went along with it. So he departed back to Vaiken Spacedock, leaving everyone and everything behind him, and returning to his life as a mercenary.
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