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#10624547 Feb 04, 2015 at 09:38 PM
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Ararius sat in the Republic fleet cantina sipping his drink slowly. His memories drifting back years to when this place bustled with the members of the Coruscant Vanguard. So long since he had stood by the beloved Vanguard Commander Aiden Flux... so long since the Vanguard had fought to stop the Sith despite the Republic's abstinent stand on non aggression.

He let out a sigh as the faces of his comrades long gone from his life flicked through his mind. Adexi, Jetalon, Michael, Chat, Khorus, even Andul-Suun. So many memories and friends gone from the small world still left in his life. As he finished his drink he could feel the rage building within himself... his own fault for it all.

He rose from his table, his heavy boots thudding loudly in the near empty establishment. Each step he could feel the lightsaber tap against his thigh... how foolish he'd been to try to utilize the Force. But it had taught him much. He mounted the steps slowly and smiled softly. The Vanguard isn't dead yet, not so long as it and it's valiant members live in his memories.

I hope life is well for you all. It's been so long and I haven't forgotten you all.

#10696429 Feb 20, 2015 at 09:51 AM
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((You're the best Ararius! The Coruscant Vanguard was one of my favorite ideas as far as a guild theme and concept, and how it worked...coupled with the amazing people we brought in I totally am thrilled with how it went while I was leading.

I hope I run into you guys in some future MMO RP servers haha! That'd be a blast.))

"The Sith's only weapons are Darkness and Lies. They Deceive and are Deceived."
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