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[Pinned] Character Server Transfers - Official Guild Policy

Hey, everyone. So Bioware has announced that these are going to be available next Tuesday (the 12th of June) but has not yet released information on origin OR destination servers.As far as The Vanguard goes, I cannot help but notice our general l...
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SWTOR: E3 (2012)

Basic run-down of what they announced would be coming "this year" during the EA press conference at E3, for those of you with less time on your hands to search for such info than me...- New playable species (Cathar)- New space mission- Increased l...
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Joining the guild in the game

I was invited into this guild thru the website but I'm not sure how join the guild in the game... Can anyone help me?
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Allies and Rivals?

So, I know that the guild was heavily involved with the Shien War story and there were lots of guilds involved in both sides, but as far as I could tell, that website they use is pretty much dead. The only thing thread that's actually alive is the...
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Yesterday someone in the game asked about flashpoints, so Ive compiled the names levels and locations of all the basic Flashpoints and placed them here for all to see as taken from the Wiki website.Name: lvl: Fa...
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Took A Cool Screenshot? Show It Off!

I'm usually the one posting my own screenshots of the events, random RP, flashpoints, etc...but I want to encourage others to as well! Let's show off what we've got and give the other side of the Vanguard. Differing perspectives in how people se...
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Augments 1.2

Crafting Professions:Armormech:Characters with the Armormech profession will now be able to learn Aim, Cunning, Shield and Absorb augments schematics, which may be reverse engineered for a chance to research their prototype and artifact variants.A...
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Sith Sundays!!!!

We are trying to drum up more buisness on the Imperial side of the game, so were trying to get people to embrace your Dark side and Join us on the Imperial side of the game on Sundays. Aside from the current story arc (i.e. the Rakgul pleague) the...
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Need your +10 Datacron? Sunday, April 22nd, 8pm!

The time is once again nigh! Let us go forth and SOLVE TEH PUZZLES!!!!Here is a quote from Adexi's wonderfully detailed last post when we did this:! The l...
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Your Legacy

What does your legacy tree look like? Is it all family related? Is it only allies and rivals? Is it a combination of the above mentioned? Perhaps it is just your hero and them alone!Show us all how your fantastic stories connect here.Tree Brea...
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4/13 - Servers down till 7 - Story Mode EC at 7:30pm!

Was supposed to be for 5pm, but we'll try postponing until after the servers are back up. Log in once you are able, and if we have the interest before 8pm we'll give it a shot.This will be STORY MODE Explosive Conflict which drops RAKATA gear, if...
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1.2 PTS Patch Notes (Will try to update on my work days)

Highlights (New Features)Players can now unlock a wide variety of rewards by leveling characters and reaching new Legacy levels, including buffs for your characters, unlocking additional Species choices for every class, and upgrades for your perso...
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Add Your Birthday To the "Happy Birthday" List!

Every person in the guild has a special day that is all theirs, even when shared by others!We value our members and want to share that special day with you! I mean your birthday of course, so if you want: add it to the list of birthdays and we wi...
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1.2 PvE PvP Armor

Here's a chart of new Sith Inquisitor PvE and PvP armor.
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A Must Read

Here's an article concerning info from the guild summit... including Bioware admitting mistakes and their plans to fix them in the
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Matrix Cubes

All level 50s should read up on this. This article tells you how to get your LvL 50 Matrix Cube Relic, one of the best pieces of gear for endgame.If you need the shards to create your cube you can find out which datacrons have them by looking in s...
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+10 Datacron Hunt Event - BE PREPARED!!!

(Yeah, we'll be prepared!... For what? For the death of the ki- ...What?*Facepalm*...not even close)Sunday, February 26th, we will have a +10 datacron hunt!!!Start time to gather items: 7pm ESTStart time of the hunt: 8pm ESTI need at least 6 peopl...
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The Battle in Voss-Ka RP (& OOC) Breakdown

OOC Rules / Notes A lot of ideas were given and shared to me by various members of various guilds in the past 24-48 hours. I'm going to do my best to incorporate as many of them as I feasibly can but I apologize if one evaded my memory. 1. YELL - ...
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HM and Ops Loot Drop Info

Wondering what hardmode drops that certain Columi gear item? Which HM Operations boss drops Rakata?Check this website out:TOR LootSort by class, flashpoint, or operation! (also select normal, hard, nightmare)
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interesting stat graphs. this and wasn't sure if it could end up helping any one. All though I haven't had Time to look very deep it does apear to be accurate on the light read.Any one who knows more about the su...
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