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Crew Skills

[Pinned] Guild Crafter List (Discussion)

Over in this thread, you can find the list of all guild members who have volunteered to craft for members.This thread discusses how to get your name on and use that other thread. Please keep discussion here so we can keep the crafter list thread c...
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Deen71047Small ANJÜ 6y
Crew Skills

Crafting Commissions

Our crafting info seems to lapse out of use pretty quickly so let me try to revive something simple that might be user friendly. I'd like to create a needs focussed crafting thread for individuals to request items from crafters/gatherers and for ...
Small Jace Drayson 5y
Jace Drayson3724Small Jace Drayson 5y
Crew Skills

Clarification for our Biochemists

When I first took up Biochem I managedto get the +Aim +Power Exotech Stim schematic. Aiden said they were pointless to make because Rakata were better even though I thought it was the other way around. Well, I was browsing the forums and I found...
Small Ararius Valanteene 6y
Ararius Valanteene1490Small Ararius Valanteene 6y
Crew Skills

What Crafting Materials Do You Need?

Because I tend to be really derptastic at crafting in almost every MMO I've ever played, I decided this time around I'd just get all gathering skills so that I can at least be sort of useful gathering extra mats for people. I'm sure I might get h...
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Crew Skills

"New" Guild Crew Skills List

***Guild Crew Skills List. Database in Alphabetical Order*** (Post updates or mail them via in-game or website. I will update every weekend. Thanks.)The purpose of this thread is to provide a clear, concise, simple list of the guild's production ...
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A'tiraan Vulindi142733Small Adexi Khalgaryen 6y
Crew Skills

The Guild Bank Thread.

So after a discussion in OOC chat, we thought it would be a good idea of toss up a thread on the forums about all those really cool BoE items we find in the game that we might be interested in seeing if anyone in the guild would like. Since not ...
Small Calthan 6y
Calthan2862Member avatar small Flynn Silvers 6y
Crew Skills

For Crafting

So for crafting and crew skills....can a class only make stuff that applies to that class...or could say a trooper make armor for jedi and smugglers and such??also is it worth having crew skills and things follow allong with a characters RP backgr...
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Chat Noir3514Small Deen 6y
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Crew Skills

Getting Organized?

I've always been a fan of crafting in MMOs and I'm already a fan of crafting in SWTOR (though it's no original SWG sadly).I take a pretty organized and aggressive approach to things with my own crafting, mostly to ensure I stay ahead of the cash c...
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Deen768461Small Aeiryn Windstar 6y
Crew Skills

Saber/Blaster Color Crystals

So, multipart question for those of you in the know.A) Are Color Crystals reusable, or one shot only?B) Any idea at the possible colors?C) What are most guildfolk intending on going with for their firearm/laser sword?D) Is your choice IC or is it ...
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Khorus213797Small Aeiryn Windstar 6y
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