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The Landing Pad

[Pinned] The Guild Leader's Introduction

I love that everyone is getting to know one another, and I feel that's one thing that's very important when it comes to feeling like a tight knit guild. I also think that I might still be somewhat of a mystery to a few members, though I was the f...
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The Landing Pad

This Unit is ready for deployment

Min-four Unit here. My strategic modules include Shield configurations as well as Tactics or Assault damage infliction. I am a fourth generation prototype, drawing on the collective programming and revisions/experience gathered by the initial unit...
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The Landing Pad


That's a decently sized word. Already living up to my own expectations. You may have seen me around the bar being strange and RPing.Check out this awesome band. one of my fav...
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The Landing Pad


Hi. This is Telu'lai Kalamyr's RPer here. Some of you may have seen me around either at the Cantina or in warzones from time to time. Been looking for a community to get cozy with for a while, high hopes that I might have finally found the place :...
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The Landing Pad

Howdy all

Hi folksA few of you may have already ran with me in game, or seen me talking rubbish in guild chat hehBut I would just like to say thank you so much for having me, even though I have only been in the guild a few days, Its been great :) Such a fri...
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Hello there!My husband Dezmos summed everything up in his post, he's good at that :P Rhilen and Alessa are my ladies.Alessa is my Sith Juggernaut. She's a smart mouth with a bad temper. She could care less about people she doesn't know, but fierce...
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The Landing Pad

Hi There!

Good Morning! I apologize beforehand for any horrid spelling or grammar. I just woke up and will be leaving for work soon but I wanted to stop in and say hello. First off, thanks for inviting me and my wife into the guild. We have been kind of way...
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The Landing Pad


Good day to you all,I have just been accepted to CV and in just looking over the website I belive I am going to like it here. I have played many different RPGs (comp and book games) and have been in several other RP guilds in other games (WoW, Eve...
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The Landing Pad

Hello folks!

I just recently joined along with Rohe as a refugee from the dying guild, Shadow Game. Rhonaar and Corilla recommended the guild so we thought we'd give it a shot.I brought over Mallek (46, soon to be 50) my smuggler and Dalemir my Jedi guardian ...
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The Landing Pad

Howdy er'body

So, I'm the FNG, I guess. I work with Kaaso, and he got me interested in ze guild a couple weeks ago.I like the ol' PVP, although I'm only a middling PVP-er most of the time. My work hours are kind of spastic, and I do have regular girlfriend ag...
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The Landing Pad

Greetings- Varro Halcyon

Hello. As some of you may know I have just joined up!A little about me. I enjoy PVP (as Zaul now knows) but would like to do more PVE. I also enjoy RPing and have a decent background set up for my character. Anyway, I don't really know what else ...
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The Landing Pad

Raquin(n) Auditorei- The Smuggler with a Secret

Hello there everyone! It's just me, the Sith, who pretends to be a Smuggler! :P I've gotta say, I really like you guys as a community and yada-yada, glad to be here, etc. Kind of awkward to just so happen to come across some of my pals from Omen h...
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The Landing Pad

Y halo thar

Hi guys!!!!!!!!
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The Landing Pad

Back in Action!

Hey folks! I've been on a somewhat extended leave of absence as of late due to some health concerns, but we've a ton of new faces since then so I figured I might as well reintroduce myself! I'm Khorus (or Ward ooc, should you prefer), and should...
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The Landing Pad

Whoopsy - I begot to do this...

Alrighty, I feel really dorky doing this but I figured there was a reason for this thread and I should utilize it. Here goes...Hi y'all. I am a homemaker... but before I was granted that luxury, I was a Leader for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. ...
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The Landing Pad

Hello. Just joined...

Hi, people call me Dee. I just joined the game almost a month ago, and I just joined the guild about a week ago. Well, technically I'm in the guild. Still have to actually get joined. :pAnyways, I'm a 21 year old college student. Right now, I'm st...
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The Landing Pad

Brand New 'Round Here

Hey all!Well, I've been getting slowly acquainted with the dynamics and facilities around here and thought I'd finally officially introduce myself on the site.Anywho...not much to say other than I'm looking very much forward to the game and gettin...
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Jace Drayson121498Small Ararius Valanteene 6y
The Landing Pad

I should say something here I imagine . . .

Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury, I know. . . oh wait, sorry. Old habits die hard.Hi, I'm Andul, which you can imagine isn't my real name but lets pretend for the moment.I'm 32, which is to say very old, and live in Western NC. I've got a degree...
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The Landing Pad


Guess I'll just jump in... I'm a 27 year old college grad. I majored in Art. I've been working at a screenprinting/embroidery shop for over 4 years, doing art for tshirts and other apparel. I'm married, been with my wife for 11 years (married for ...
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The Landing Pad

You can call me Fryk.

Or Jazz. But my character is named Fryk.I'm a new addition, haven't had the in-game invitation yet. Y'all look like an excellent RP guild, and I look forward to gaming with you all!So let's see, stuff about myself...I'm 27, and I'm sorta a shipwri...
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