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Character Biographies

[Pinned] Things to keep in mind for Character Backstories

I hate to admit it but I am a stickler for staying true to game related events and timelines. It lends more validity to our characters, and their backgrounds. I was reading through some of the character backgrounds and saw some inconsistencies. My...
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Character Biographies

Cipher Agent 47

A potential ally of The Coruscant Vanguard.Real name: [No Data Found]Nickname: Cipher Agent 47 / Alek'sey / Chuck Finlee Age: Late Twenties/Early ThirtiesSpecies : Human with heavy cybernetic implantation.Homeworld: [No Data Found]Professions: Sli...
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Character Biographies

Ralea "Vendetta" Quelsiri

Not technically a member of the Coruscant Vanguard, or even an ally to the Republic, but a character that may play an important role in the future regardless!Real name: Ralea QuelsiriNickname: Lea VendettaAge: 25Species : ZeltronHomeworld: Nar Sha...
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Character Biographies

Skia Auditorei

Name: Skia AuditoreiProfession: Ex-Sith, currently a Mercenary For Hire, and a bartender of the Slippery Slopes.Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 21 Hair: Red Skin: Pale Eyes: Yellow Height: 6' 2" Weight: 183 lbs Place of Birth: Dromund Kaas Reside...
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Character Biographies

Telu'lai Kalamyr

Real name: Telu'lai KalamyrNickname: TeluAge: 37Species : Presumed humanHomeworld: TythonSWTOR-RP Wiki Page:'lai_Kalamyr(I'm still working on this.)Telu'lai's Playlist:!/playli...
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Character Biographies

Jorison Va'len

Year 3,640 BBYDuring the years before the treaty of Coruscant, the Great Galactic War brought much tragedy and suffering to the people of the Republic, especially those living in Coruscant. A young human Senator named Ash'eel Va'len, just recently...
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Character Biographies

Slaa'nesh - The Spirit

Slaa'nesh, a Sith Lord who's life dated back to the discovery of Korriban. He was an Assassin with loyalty to none, he sought out only to increase his power. In an attempt to do so, he had developed a method to keep his victims from becoming one w...
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Character Biographies

Tiergan Valeras

Name: Tiergan ValerasProfession: Jedi Knight (Guardian)Species: Human (But appears to be Miraluka)Gender: MaleAge: Looks to be between 25-27Hair: Dark BrownSkin: PaleEyes: Originally green. Now heavily damaged and milky looking due to scarring.He...
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Character Biographies

Alderick, resident Sith-in-exile

NAME:AlderickRACE:Pureblood SithAGE: in his early 40'sGENDER:MaleNOTABLE FACTS:Presence was confirmed in battles on Balmorra, Taris and Tatooine operating for the now[presumed] defunct organization Dusk Athaeneum. Elevated the rank of Darth [ref. ...
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Character Biographies

Noventa - One part of the Wînd Legacy

Real name: Milliardo Nickname: Zechs & NoventaAge: 31Species : Human, with minor cyborg augmentation Homeworld: AlderaanMilliardo originates from a noble family on alderaan, during his years as a child growing up with his older brother, Quattr...
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Character Biographies


Age: 21Homeworld: OnderonBack story: Craile Auralius was taken at a young age towards the world of Tython shortly after the fall of Coruscant, having never personally witnessing the tragic event. Even the beast ridershad heard of the Sith light...
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Character Biographies

Captain Mallek

IdentificationFull Name: MallekAvatar Name: MallekTitles: Captain Class & Specialization: Smuggler/GunslingerPhysical InformationSpecies: Modified Echani/CyborgGender: MaleAge: 33Hair: WhiteSkin: Olive (believed due to genetic modification)E...
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Character Biographies

Dalemir Kel

IdentificationFull Name: Dalemir KelAvatar Name: DalemirNicknames: Titles: Master Class & Specialization: Jedi Knight, GuardianPhysical InformationSpecies: Human (Corellian)Gender: MaleAge: 34Hair: Chestnut BrownSkin: TannedEyes: Olive Green...
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Character Biographies

Dr. Rohe Kosz

IdentificationFull Name: Rohe KoszAvatar Name: RoheNicknames: Doc/DoctorTitles: Dr.Class & Specialization: Smuggler/Scoundrel (Sawbones) Physical InformationSpecies: MirialanGender: FemaleAge: Twenty-eightHair: Dark BrownSkin: A dusky yello...
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Character Biographies

Tykano Ranthor

(Figured it was about time)Name: Tykano RanthorSpecies: HumanProfession/Title: Jedi Weapon Master/Combat TrainerAge: 26Height: 5'11Weight: 175Eyes: BrownHair: BlackBirthplace: CoruscantRelatives: UnknownAppearance:A medium built man, not to lean, ...
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Character Biographies

Themes and Songs

Simply a place for everyone to post songs that you think go well with your character(s) :)Raquinn: Ever be- Korn
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Character Biographies

Alvina Shatal

Age:26Appearance: Very similar to Althia, except she has long brown hair.Alvina is Althia's older sister that was taken prisoner in the Sacking as a youngling by the Sith. Years of being forced to learn the Sith Code turned Alvina, she was turned ...
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Character Biographies

Gowan Vaelesh

Accessing Audio Logs: Dr. Vers BalokPatient ID 204.17 [Log 001] Now Playing"Dr. Irunel's last directive before she left the project was to have me examine this patient, ah, a Sergeant Vaelesh. Now I know why she quit. This man shouldn't be alive...
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Character Biographies

Darth Delphian - KCR

Name: Darth DelphianClass: Sith JuggernautFocus: TankSpecies: Sith PurebloodAge: 34Height: 6'4"Weight: 185 lbs.Eye Color: OrangeHair Color: Black with a purple sheenSkin: RedBirthplace: Dromund KaasRelatives: Darth Gravion (Father, deceased), Lord...
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Character Biographies

Varro Halcyon

*Note: I will update this as I remember more/more happens, for now it will be basic*Name: Varro HalcyonVarro was born on Corellia to a rich family. His father noticed Varro's latent force abilities early on, however fearing that the Jedi would tak...
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