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The Cantina

Kaaso and Gowan shoot Zombies :D

A few of you seemed at least somewhat interested in Day Z. My work schedule is pretty nuts right now, and I don't have the time to type anything solid up, but Kaaso and I have been tooling around in the dead-infested nation of Chernarus together ...
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Gowan3738014Small Bron Cuthus 7y
The Cantina

The Random Stuff Thread

Edited: This was originally the Luri's Random Stuff Thread, but since everyone's making threads to put stuff in ....why not just condense them all into one?Anything you want to post up that's not really important enough to give its very own thre...
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Tiergan-Lurial276540Small Bron Cuthus 7y
The Cantina


Sadly folks, my days in TOR are numbered.I know in my brief time in the vanguard I didnt really get a chance to RP/pvp and etc with all of you, alot being to do with my circumstances, and the time zone difference making it quite hard for me to be ...
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Noventa Wînd3604Small Telu'lai 7y
The Cantina

Happy Canada Day!

Just wishing all you crazy folks in the Frozen North a Happy Canada Day! :D<3
Small Tiergan-Lurial 7y
Tiergan-Lurial1435Small Tiergan-Lurial 7y
The Cantina

Um.!So I know I haven't been around much lately (gearing up to move, training replacement staff at work, and Day Z have been eating up my time), but I couldn't think of a better ...
Small Gowan 7y
Gowan3932Small Kaile Soren (Cubber Ardellian) 7y
The Cantina

The Official "North Carolinian" guildmember Thread - No hillbilly blood required!

Ok so before we can plan anything I think we should do a role-call for those of us who live in North Carolina. As an avid amateur cook I would love to bust out some grub and have a get together at some point this summer.) Also we can use the threa...
Small Dezmos Fen'rir 7y
Dezmos Fen'rir153216Small Kaile Soren (Cubber Ardellian) 7y
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The Cantina

The What Made You Happy Today Thread!

We have a thread like this over at my other forums, so I figured it would be a nice thing to bring here too. Everyone could use a little happy after all. :DWhat made me happy today was PvPing for the first time ever! Ehlina logged on with Karah ...
Small Tiergan-Lurial 7y
Tiergan-Lurial4825517Small Elaithis 7y
The Cantina

Geekstore Drama!

So I was looking for local gaming geek stores and came across this. Found it interesting and more than a little, a shame. Game stores are a dying breed with amazon's prices.
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Mallek (Merkaile)1467Small Mallek (Merkaile) 7y
The Cantina

A Farewell

As I stated to the few that were online tonight when I got home and logged in, I have no plans to renew my sub when it expires in August. IC'ly Ararius has left a will with a couple members of the Vanguard that states that Jet will inherit Valant...
Small Ararius Valanteene 7y
Ararius Valanteene61147Small Elaithis 7y
The Cantina

Age Limitations

Recently I've been a little down seeing everyone plan to have meet n' greets/parties. I would really like to meet you all in person, but that's where age comes into account. I'm only 14, and that has many drawbacks. Which leads me to one question....
Small Auditorei 7y
Auditorei112041Small Elaithis 7y
The Cantina

Rohe MIA for a bit

So... as some might have heard, Mallek got the job in Asheville, NC and want him to start on the 11th. As you might guess, that gives me very little time to get things in order so I probably won't be on very much at all for the next couple of week...
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Rohe91508Small Mallek (Merkaile) 7y
The Cantina

I immediately thought of Brother.
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Jetalon3699Small Tiergan-Lurial 7y
The Cantina

Brief LOA

I haven't played in a few days, due to being...well, busy. And with business ramping up again, I think it's probably best that I take a little break from TOR. I'm not quitting - I love the game and the guild - but I've got to take a few weeks off....
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Arjay51127Member avatar small Arjay 7y
The Cantina

Small LoA

A bunch of unpleasant things happened at once over the last week and have made me super behind on my work, so I'm going to vanish from the game for a week or two. I was really looking forward to kicking off an event of some kind, but it'll sadly ...
Small Tiergan-Lurial 7y
Tiergan-Lurial193100Small Tiergan-Lurial 7y
The Cantina

Small LOA

Just to say it here too, so no one thinks I died, I'll be offline from pretty much tonight until Tuesday after next. I must fare forth to the far and dark lands of my ancestors . . . . Michigan.Much love, see everyone soon!
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Andul-Suun Hegge2669Small Khemiq Toth 7y
The Cantina

The Great Big Music Game.

Howdy people, your friendly neighborhood Kaaso here with a bit of a game, little bit of sharing. I enjoy music. I think it is great, and one of the few things I wonder when I meet someone is "I wonder what they listen to?" I don't mean this in...
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Kaaso Korr152760Small Dezmos Fen'rir 7y
The Cantina

Little LOA

I mentioned this in-game one day, but it was in passing so I probably need to make it more official so no one thinks I ditched. I'm out of town for work till Wednesday evening.Will miss you all!
Small Jace Drayson 7y
Jace Drayson2659Member avatar small Rohe 7y
The Cantina

Day Z (Or, that zombie game you've always wanted)

I don't know if any of you guys are ArmA II fans, but there is a mod out for the game that turns the 225 square km island of Chernorus into an open-world zombie survival sim.ArmA is a military shooter that borders on military simulation -- it can ...
Small Gowan 7y
Gowan91752Small Gowan 7y
The Cantina

Diablo III

So Diablo 3 is coming out Tuesday and I know I'm not going to be the only one to play it so I figured we can share our Battletags here in case we want a buddy to play with or just to talk to. Same goes for those who play Starcraft and WoW (vile wo...
Small Khemiq Toth 7y
Khemiq Toth193134Small Ararius Valanteene 7y
The Cantina

Jedi mind trick at your fingertips.

I got this idea from the main website and thought it would be cool to see what kind of people we are in the inside... haha..Consequences aside, what would you do or how would you use your jedi mind trick ability?Me... I would probably do some.. no...
Small Karnas Silvas 7y
Karnas Silvas81444Small Karnas Silvas 7y