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Jace Drayson

by Jace Drayson on Mar 28, 2012 at 10:39 AM}
Diplomatic Journal #282
Republic Diplomatic Corps

(personal entry)

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[Initiate Recording]

I found myself dreading this trip core-ward. My duties in the outer rim usually keep me entirely too removed from the politics and machinations of The Coruscant Vanguard. But in the loss of one of our own, I felt my presence on the Telos was the least I could provide.

The loss of a compatriot is a centering event no matter how one looks at it. The code teaches us that death is no more than another avenue in the journey of life. The Force remains. It is this belief that allows me to rest in the peace that Althia’s luminous presence exists beyond terrestrial perception.

What troubles me is the lack of peace permeating the memorial service. Instead of contemplation and meditation, the event was marred by talk of revenge and war-making. I listened to those with whom I am associated and found myself perplexed. I was unprepared for the level of Darkness and vengeance carried by members of the organization of which I am a part. Despite the brilliance of the nearby star bathing the Telos in its light, the presence of the Dark Side was palpable.

There has been a part of me that has always been at odds with the militant nature of the Vanguard. My Master, however, believed fully in her mission and my involvement has been a staple of my personal history – even if only by proxy. This event has brought me to a crossroads and I find myself confronted by a choice…

I trust that with meditation, the Will of the Force will present itself. Guidance always comes if one is patient enough. I just hope that it comes before the onset of critical mass… One tragedy often leads to another.


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