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Aiden Flux / Nov 25, 2012
So as we know, SWTOR went free-to-play recently, but what does that mean...if anything at all? Well, it definitely opens the door for those who did not play the game or left the game due to the subscription model to come right on back into it all. It also means that there's a wealth of new players and thus roleplayers to create a new influx of creativity and community.

What does that have to do with the remnants of TCV? Well, just from looking at the site, certainly the TCV is no longer what it once was. Leadership changed. The guild merged. Yet, still I see people checking in and posting or commenting or just saying hi to stay in contact every now and again. Despite the guild not remaining in essence, the spirit of community and friendship still ties many of us together. So we can draw on that and we should.

I definitely will be coming back into the game and some are already there or on the brink of jumping back into the f2p world, even if it might not improve the gameplay exactly haha. Yet, that said what does it mean for how things will go?

Well my general idea is this, since some have asked if I'd lead again I'm thinking I can do that, I do love what we made here and I don't want to see it go to waste. Maybe we can start up on the Empire side if the majority want that, since it did have the better story and we've already seen so much of the Republic quest-lines that it'd be old hat. Here's our chance to have a new guild with a new fresh start and feel...and maybe even have a new rank system, etc. to add with people we know so even though it's different it won't be too weird as we're not all strangers like when the guild originally started haha.

Guess we'll see what the name could be and how it'll work, but at least getting enough "Yay's!" vs. "Nay's" it's the start to getting the ball rolling on so much more.
Jetalon / Jun 13, 2012
The Coruscant Vanguard is moving!

I'd like to thank Shien for being a wonderful home in its time. It was an exceptional choice for me, and I hope you all will agree, whether you followed Aiden here from before launch, joined a friend, or - like me - if you randomly chose it out of the available RP servers. I know I certainly am not regretting where Lady Luck had me cast my lot.

Looking forward, I am hoping that a robust new population will make organization and participation in events and gameplay that much easier. For more information on the move, please check the forum post that will detail my thought process as well as instruct you how to proceed.

The Vanguard will remain on Shien for anyone wishing to stay behind, though not in any in-character fashion. As far as the move goes ICly, there's no logical reason to assume anything has changed - in fact, the server itself is a completely beyond-the-fourth-wall concept, and should be treated with IC ignorance.

Thanks for your understanding and patience, everyone. If you can contact someone outside of the game who is not currently playing, please do so to give them an idea of what is happening, and point them here.
Khemiq Toth / May 14, 2012
As everyone should know by now Aiden, our fearless leader, mentor and friend, has stepped down. He encouraged us all to become better people and to treat everyone, guildies or otherwise, with Respect.

Aiden, on behalf of The Coruscant Vanguard, be safe, have fun and keep in touch. We will miss you!

In a related note: Jetalon has been overwhelmingly picked by his peers and friends to take up the mantle as the guild leader for The Coruscant Vanguard. He has some big shoes to fill but we can all rest assured that he will lead us into the future wisely and do us proud!

We are opening up a new chapter in our story for The Coruscant Vanguard. By following the three tenets of Respect, Unity and Diplomacy we will persevere and prosper. For the Vanguard!
Aiden Flux / May 03, 2012
Then click on <Media> on the top right Tab first then go to <In Game Images> and start uploading if you'd like them to be featured on the Image Slideshow near the top left of the Guild Website. Let's see your fantastic shots of you and your guild members! New or Old, it doesn't matter. We'd welcome more memories. There's no limit to how many you can odd, so feel free to jump on in.

Aiden Flux / Apr 28, 2012
Members of the Vanguard, this is Commander Flux, it would appear our initial intel was indeed false information. After mounting a successful offensive on Tatooine from the Salara Outpost, Keeper Vashon privately detained a member of the Sith Assault Party and has sense learned that they were specifically after the Stardream Crash Site and not interested in securing Tatooine itself.

As many of you know, the Stardream is the ship that carried the Rhakghoul Plague and made its final resting place the Dune Sea in an attempt to eliminate those carrying it on board as all was loss. Now that the plague has subsided and the Containment Committees have withdrawn their Forces and Officers, the Empire most likely deemed it an opportune time to seize hold of any information that was still hidden or secrets to harvesting and weaponizing the Rhakghoul Plague as the scientist who began all this has.

It was a great victory for the Accord to have repelled the "Obsidian Crusade" as they have become to be called. The detainee also had no knowledge of the spirit who has wreaked havoc within our ranks with its mind altering effects. Stay ever vigilant, my visions of the future are once again becoming clearer. We will surmount this trial and gain in ever increasing strength in our Crusade against all darkness in this galaxy.

Aiden Flux / Apr 25, 2012
The Deserenox RP Event has been a wonderful success within the guild. It goes to show that any member can create compelling and inclusive RP stories for guild members as long as they take some initiative and reach out to people. Thank you Tiergan for being the wonderful and shining example others can follow. Even with a busy schedule you didn't let it diminish what you were capable of accomplishing.

Read up on Details here for the Friday Event.

The next RP Event is this Friday in regards to the Archangel Accord which many will remember we were called to for an alliance RP in the Jedi Temple ruins not too long ago. Though IC-ly the TCV was underwhelmed with their allies, they were also aware of being the first line of defense for any movements or plans made by the Sith Empire and will be actively answering the "Call to Arms" Aiden shall make when he ICly conveys his confirmation of their precise activities on Tatooine.

Hope to see you all (or many for those who can make it) Friday Night! The official event starts at 9 PM but the organizer wants us all there by 8:30 PM for explanation purposes, so for our guild RP, etc. I'll be starting it and organizing the gathering at 8 PM to get everyone primed to go.

Caution: Non-50's who want to go to the event understand this is an RP-PvP event.

Aiden Flux / Apr 22, 2012
The Coruscant Vanguard is the largest Heavy-RP guild on the Shien server, despite this we also are one of the most tight-knit and well-organized (not to mention well-rounded) guilds able to tackle PvE Flashpoints, Questing, and Operations; PvP both under-50 and 50; and not to mention the Roleplay events that we regularly have whether on small scale or larger guild organized/sponsored events.

We want to encourage our members to further deepen our ties by continuing to work together with group activities. To facilitate this I will be implementing a new and rigorous method to reward and create further incentives for kindness and growing the guild's mission for Unity, Respect, and Diplomacy.

These new ways to reward those who add to the guild bank, take members on Flashpoint runs, and get geared for operations will be through guild ranks. So far they have been difficult and elusive. Very few have even made it above Vanguard. I won't make it easy, but it will be more obtainable to the many who want to contribute but have felt the current ways are too time consuming.

I have said it to a few but I want to make a general announcement. The Operation Runs are not meant to reward only the people who can go on them and bring them down, but this was not being conveyed and people may have felt left out. So I now am making it so that all Biometric Alloys that drop during operations will not be randomed off anylonger, they will be taken by the Guild Lead or the Operation Leader if the Guild Leader is not present to place into the bank. Yet since these are such expensive and helpful items I will be holding onto them and giving them out to members who do help others do Flashpoints on Hardmode, and participate in other group activities, or make an RP event for the guild and plan to use the item to get gear for participating in HMs or Operations either for theirself or another member.
Aiden Flux / Apr 09, 2012
In the beginning The Coruscant Vanguard was well-known for its weekly RP events that would be connected to the Story Arc and at times instead a weekly social event whether it was RP or OOC, but since then schedules have changed, faces, and focuses in the game. So our planned efforts for RP have given way to a more spontaneous and varied sort of RP, and while it's fun some like to know when and where to be when RP will be in play and some like to find a forum to get to know members better other than trying to find a way to loop their characters into an otherwise unrelated story. So I am bringing back the once highly-anticipated events to make those same great times with a new and inspired approach. I always promise to never give stale RP, tired or predictable events, and to keep away from having any get bored if I can help it.

Important: We'll be making heavy use of the Guild Calander in the website here because of the intensive event schedule. People will be able to sign up for them, know who is going, know to get the word out, and be able to be more prepared for what sort of event it is. Look on the events and start signing up, you'll be thanking yourself later on! Many events will involve people in a special way often times who have signed up in advance. You'll be in on the fun just by letting us know you'll be there!

To do this instead of making them weekly I am going to make them nearly every other day so that everyone can have their fix more often. I will also be making events to accommodate more schedules more often. This is why I dubbed it the Six & Nine Social Events. The first Event each day would begin at five and last til six, then the second at nine and go until ten. So those who hit the hay early can get one and those who come on late can join in the other. If events go over the designated hour because you're having fun that will be fine! It's all about how you want it to play out, but the hour is just a point where people know they can bow out and have seen the bulk of what was being offered.

The days these events will not be happening are the days that Operation runs will be scheduled. The time in between 6pm and 9 pm will be the time I offer and encourage members to run Hardmode Flashpoints and Dailies together to gear up or just enjoy each others company, get social points, and even do PvP dailies as a guild before the next event begins.

Two events every day, that sounds like a lot, but there will also be weekly social events you can count on to come back around with new themes to them inspired by members in our own guild. One such example would be Kaaso's Story Night RP that was such a huge success.

All these and more will be happening to bring us even closer together, get out more RP, show the server what The Coruscant Vanguard is about, and of course allow all to have more fun the entire time. I'll be switching the times and such of when weekly RPs happen and the days in order to accommodate people best if I am given input! The guild changes based on you. So please speak up and your voice can be heard and be effective. Your Leader and Officers are always willing and able to listen.