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SWTOR Going Free-To-Play & You

Aiden Flux / Nov 25, 2012
So as we know, SWTOR went free-to-play recently, but what does that mean...if anything at all? Well, it definitely opens the door for those who did not play the game or left the game due to the subscription model to come right on back into it all. It also means that there's a wealth of new players and thus roleplayers to create a new influx of creativity and community.

What does that have to do with the remnants of TCV? Well, just from looking at the site, certainly the TCV is no longer what it once was. Leadership changed. The guild merged. Yet, still I see people checking in and posting or commenting or just saying hi to stay in contact every now and again. Despite the guild not remaining in essence, the spirit of community and friendship still ties many of us together. So we can draw on that and we should.

I definitely will be coming back into the game and some are already there or on the brink of jumping back into the f2p world, even if it might not improve the gameplay exactly haha. Yet, that said what does it mean for how things will go?

Well my general idea is this, since some have asked if I'd lead again I'm thinking I can do that, I do love what we made here and I don't want to see it go to waste. Maybe we can start up on the Empire side if the majority want that, since it did have the better story and we've already seen so much of the Republic quest-lines that it'd be old hat. Here's our chance to have a new guild with a new fresh start and feel...and maybe even have a new rank system, etc. to add with people we know so even though it's different it won't be too weird as we're not all strangers like when the guild originally started haha.

Guess we'll see what the name could be and how it'll work, but at least getting enough "Yay's!" vs. "Nay's" it's the start to getting the ball rolling on so much more.


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