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How Does Lore Effect You and Yours?

Aiden Flux / Feb 27, 2012
As any roleplayer knows, lore makes up the entire setting of the game, and what acts as the backdrop to your character and how it came to be. So how did the lore of the game effect your character? How does that shape its personality and past? Yet, most importantly, how do lore based events, quests, and the interactions in between shape their future? It is always important to make them believable and engaging by having the game's lore present in their story (without having spoilers for those who may not have seen certain things.) There's so much in the game worth experiencing, do not sell yourself short. Datacrons, flashpoints, Heroic Quests, Bonus Quest Series, Lore objects, and more! They can all be used to add to who your character is, was, and will become.

Speaking of spoilers...don't say who it is, if you've already met him!


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