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Do You Have Some Change? I Only Need 2 MILLION!?!?

Aiden Flux / Feb 29, 2012
Listing the Crystals that will be Available In the New 1.1.5 Patch Vendor


Black Red - +41 Expertise--------------------------------125k
Black Green - +41 Expertise-----------------------------125k
Black Blue - +41 Expertise-------------------------------125k
Advanced Yellow Warhero- +41 Expertise--------------125k

White (!):

Black White- +31 Power---------------------------------1mil
Black White- +31 Crit------------------------------------1mil
Black White- +31 Endurance----------------------------1mil
Black White- +41 Power---------------------------------2.5mil
Black White- +41 Crit------------------------------------2.5mil
Black White- +41 Endurance----------------------------2.5mil
Advanced White Battlemaster- +31 Expertise-------1 mil
Advanced White Warhero- +41 Expertise------------2.5mil


Advanced Cyan Eviscerating- +41 Crit-----------------125k
Advanced Cyan Hawkeye- +41 Power------------------125k
Advanced Cyan Indestructible- +41 Endurance--------125k
Black Cyan(?)- +41 Expertise----------------------------125k


Advanced Purple Eviscerating- +41 Crit-----------------250k
Advanced Purple Hawkeye- +41 Power------------------250k
Advanced Purple Indestructible- +41 Endurance--------250k
Advanced Purple Warhero- +41 Expertise--------------250k


Advanced Magenta Intrepidity- +33 Endurance---------250k
Advanced Magenta Lethal- +33 Critical------------------250k
Advanced Magenta Resonating- +33 Power-------------250k



Hnnnnnnnnnnng. I would want the white one so baaaaaaad, but it's probably level 50 and it would be pointless to have it. XD
You could buy it to use once you hit 50 :)
Aiden Flux
I would say you could buy the +31 white version instead because those are only Level 40...however ._. If you somehow managed to have the 1 million credits necessary to obtain it I would be impressed.
Do want cyans.
Aiden Flux
Cyan is pretty uber!
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