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Has Your Character Story Progressed?

Aiden Flux / Mar 12, 2012
In the realm of RP, every character has a story. Yet, many times the roleplayer forgets that the most important quality of a roleplay is the story progression. When we read a story, it is not just events that change, conflicts that get resolved, or just a series of conversations. Characters grow, rise, fall, and even die. In the world of RP we may roleplay but is your character static?

Is their personality so quiet and removed nobody ever is able to interact with them? Is there a lack of purpose to their existence making them aimless and stuck in a single phase? Perhaps OOC you are too nervous to approach others or think you'll freeze up? Perhaps IC or OOC the setting of an RP isn't to your style or your characters? Whatever the reason, we have a system in place to get characters more involved and the player as well.

Is your character an evil sort who gains redemption? Perhaps the stoic unbending lightsider who finally realizes their views are too narrow? Perhaps they are a nobody who eventually champions a great cause. Or even a do-gooder who loses their way on the straight and narrow and becomes a renegade for their own twisted sense of justice? There are millions of possibilities and we should not forget that there are friends, family, and officers in the guild who would wish nothing more than to help you find your niche. All you must do is reach out to those around you, we are all here to help one another my friends! Think on how your character has progressed if at all and maybe plan out how they can do so if they haven't already or how you want them to go even further!

If you're stuck and don't know who to turn them Aiden/Vashon is always available to help facilitate in any and every way possible. All conversations are private and confidential and judgement free, it's never a bad idea to ask for help. It only is a disservice to yourself and others who care about you to stay silent.


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