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News Flash: Jedi Council Influencing Sovereign Entities?

Aiden Flux / Mar 20, 2012
This is Amanda Trask of the Corellian Post coming to you live with this startling news Update. After the recent Republic Strike Team mission had gone awry aboard a Sith Dreadnaught positioned in Balmoraa's orbit which the Republic Senate had deemed a threat, the leader of the strike team, a Jedi Master named Aiden Flux, has gone missing. One other has gone unaccounted for, a Zabrak named Khemiq Toth, who shares an uncanny tie to the Jedi Master. They were both reported to two of the three heads to the vast militant and sovereign force known as The Coruscant Vanguard.

Aiden Flux is the Commander and Chief of this group of various alien races, men, and women. Khemiq Toth was the quiet strategist behind their well-known resistance efforts and had the position of Marshal. When our news team went to The Headquarters of The Coruscant Vanguard located within the Republic Fleet aboard the Gav Daragon we found that their Battlemaster, an enigmatic human Jedi known as Mikael Novasun, had also been mysteriously missing for several days prior to the incident.

When we inquired with one of the many Protocol Droids aboard the Gav Daragon as to whom lead The Coruscant Vanguard, it was told to us that it was a Keeper of Truth appointed to investigate the militia at the request of the Jedi Corps. Without any leaders in place to keep the large and powerful group together the Jedi Council seemed to step in and allow this Keeper to command temporary leadership through them as their last leader as also a Jedi with some high standing amongst their Order.

"I find it strange the Jedi Council can just start sinking their hooks into whatever they want, and how did the only two who went missing both happen to be from the same organization?" one Rodian female commented to our news team.

When we came across the Keeper of Truth we asked about him and his views on the move made by the Council and the Jedi Corps. His response:

"Names are unimportant here, I am merely a Keeper of Truth, and we seek nothing but the longevity of such a prestigious and well-meaning group. Their Commander has long served the Republic and this is a tragedy to have such a man who also was gifted with powerful foresight and his closest brethren go missing in a time of need."

Anonymous Sources tipped off the news team that his name is "Vashon" and coincidentally Aiden's Master and original leader of the Vanguard shared the name Vashon as well. Could the two be linked somehow? Is it a Jedi Conspiracy to give the Council the means to strike the Empire? One final tip given by our 'Source' was that the Commander and his Comrades could be hidden in places where objects of notable power and knowledge could also be hidden. The only assumption we could conclude was "Datacrons" were the implied objects. Could a datacron location also house the bodies of the missing? This is Amanda Trask with the Corellian Post, always asking the tough questions.


Do we qualify as a soveriegn entity? I didnt' realize we were our own government... where do I go to apply for diplomatic immunity with the Republic so I can stab Jolee in the face without punishment?
Wait? E can shoot Jerran and get away with it now? Seriously really good post. E's going to be fuming that she ended up finding out about the Balmora mission on the news. =)
Aiden Flux
Haha yeah! It's why Aiden is so outside the lines with how he does many things compared to a typical Jedi and shows leniency/brutality in various ways.

Sadly, no immunity Ararius. Lol! We maybe sovereign but we play by the rules when we go into Republic space. When we get our own guild ship we can do anything we want and be impervious to law. Technically that'd be the Gav Daragon right now til we get a real in game feature.

Haha and yeah E! As long as you're not like in the center area on the galaxy map you could pretty much get away with murder <.< Mwahaha!
Oh Aiden, how pleasing this news is to me :D not that Ararius has ever let laws stop him to begin with >.>
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