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Who is Apart of Your Legacy?

Aiden Flux / Mar 26, 2012
With the up and coming 1.2 Patch, we get an even deeper and more exciting Legacy System. Any and every alt can be related in one way or another. The most obvious being family. Brother, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Father, but perhaps you have alts of differing race/species, they clearly do not share a genetic bond but you can make them allies or rivals of other alts still allowing for a deep an meaningful way to perpetuate your roleplay and storyline with the Old Republic and The Coruscant Vanguard.

The option to roll any species, even ones from the opposite faction, will allow for you to have that character as a Republic you never thought you would (or had always hoped you could!) If you haven't already, it might be a good time to consider how your characters all come together to make one amazing story.


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