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Character Deaths and Roleplay

Aiden Flux / Mar 28, 2012
In roleplay we try and make realistic characters, lives, dramas, challenges, enemies, and stories. Yet, sometimes in those stories the hardest thing to do is have a character die, especially when you've put a lot of effort into them or gotten attached. Even so we all know that death is very much a part of life, and this can make for even more RP potential whenever an important character bites the dust. Always looking for a way to expand is an integral progression to being the best roleplayer we can be.

Here is one shot from the Althia Shatal Funeral whose player leveled the character to 50 only to have her end up in a casket at the hands of a particularly devious and crafty Sith Lord who may or may not have shared the same fate....



Have to say, I was attached to Althia, I leveled her to 50, letting her die was not easy but it was a great storyline.
Why didn't Ash'ievail get a funeral? Or did Aiden take her corpse for his own uses?
Aiden Flux
Lol! No one cared about that hooker. Aiden had her put in an unmarked grave.
:O Ararius... sorta... cared for her. That's the sadness. Atleast she got a grave and not just dumped on Nar Shaddaa for the beggars to use.
Gods! Where was Jerran for this! Someone needed to provide a lovely eulogy!


Still, I digress, how do you as a Rp'er find a way to move on and play another character? I mean, do you let go of the other character altogether or what? Im just curious because although i've been involved in helping other characters to their deaths, I havent killed off my character or anything quite so dramatic.

(I swear, character deaths make me so sad IRL. I listen to 'The Breaking of the Fellowship' from LOTR on repeat. That song breaks my heart. xD )
Well, I just came up with Alvina's plot line and thought it was good. I decided it would even be better with Althia's death, you guys will see several sides of Alvina in the months to come, right now she is not herself due to her sister's death.It was hard Jerran, but the trade off will be worth it.
Won't lie... I though Through Victory was goign to ask for permission to deal the fatal blow to Ararius tonight. he did everything he could to get under their skins... well except for their leader's. He didnt' dare tempt her with his fate.
LOL Ararius, why kill ya, it is more fun just to keep hitting ya. Also you definetly have a rival in Darth Ryton, "Boy toy" wants your death in the worse way. :)

Great scene, for all TCV just remember we won't dare kill one of your characters unless you want it for RP purposes. We may be the "Bad Guys" but we respect quality RP ;)
And that is why I enjoyed that scene. Ryton really gave Ararius the edge he needed to be sharp tongued and form a personal rival... something he hasn't really had. Some would say Vyctor on Pub side, but they dont' really fight... just disagree. I look forward to seeign where that rivalry goes.

You all did a fantastic job of making the scene believable within that restriction... I look forward to future RP with you all.
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