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Introducing -- The Six & Nine Guild Event Rotation

Aiden Flux / Apr 09, 2012
In the beginning The Coruscant Vanguard was well-known for its weekly RP events that would be connected to the Story Arc and at times instead a weekly social event whether it was RP or OOC, but since then schedules have changed, faces, and focuses in the game. So our planned efforts for RP have given way to a more spontaneous and varied sort of RP, and while it's fun some like to know when and where to be when RP will be in play and some like to find a forum to get to know members better other than trying to find a way to loop their characters into an otherwise unrelated story. So I am bringing back the once highly-anticipated events to make those same great times with a new and inspired approach. I always promise to never give stale RP, tired or predictable events, and to keep away from having any get bored if I can help it.

Important: We'll be making heavy use of the Guild Calander in the website here because of the intensive event schedule. People will be able to sign up for them, know who is going, know to get the word out, and be able to be more prepared for what sort of event it is. Look on the events and start signing up, you'll be thanking yourself later on! Many events will involve people in a special way often times who have signed up in advance. You'll be in on the fun just by letting us know you'll be there!

To do this instead of making them weekly I am going to make them nearly every other day so that everyone can have their fix more often. I will also be making events to accommodate more schedules more often. This is why I dubbed it the Six & Nine Social Events. The first Event each day would begin at five and last til six, then the second at nine and go until ten. So those who hit the hay early can get one and those who come on late can join in the other. If events go over the designated hour because you're having fun that will be fine! It's all about how you want it to play out, but the hour is just a point where people know they can bow out and have seen the bulk of what was being offered.

The days these events will not be happening are the days that Operation runs will be scheduled. The time in between 6pm and 9 pm will be the time I offer and encourage members to run Hardmode Flashpoints and Dailies together to gear up or just enjoy each others company, get social points, and even do PvP dailies as a guild before the next event begins.

Two events every day, that sounds like a lot, but there will also be weekly social events you can count on to come back around with new themes to them inspired by members in our own guild. One such example would be Kaaso's Story Night RP that was such a huge success.

All these and more will be happening to bring us even closer together, get out more RP, show the server what The Coruscant Vanguard is about, and of course allow all to have more fun the entire time. I'll be switching the times and such of when weekly RPs happen and the days in order to accommodate people best if I am given input! The guild changes based on you. So please speak up and your voice can be heard and be effective. Your Leader and Officers are always willing and able to listen.


I'd appreciate it if they could be on Mon, Wed, Fri, cuz the scheduled RP nights for Omen are on Tues and Thu and I probably can't make it otherwise.
I'm terribly excited about this!
Oh man. As happy as I am about this (and the use of the calendar, yaaay!) I hope this doesn't lead to you getting burnt out Aiden. x_o; This sounds like a LOT of work!
This is an excellent idea but be careful of the burnout!
Yeah! I agree! This sounds fantastic!
Aiden Flux
Haha thanks all for the concern! Totally will avoid trying to get burnt out. I am certain it'll be a lot of effort but nothing I can't take on. I just love bringing you all the best.

Oh yeah Raquin, definitely wouldn't want you missing out on RP! The best part about this is that everyday is an RP day/night in our guild, the social events just make it easy for people to have a platform to jump off of. I cannot particularly change the days for Tuesday or Thursday since we raid on Monday and Wednesday. But you'll still get tons of RP opportunities and Friday is wide open for RP as well :D
Ok Aiden, thanks for the info! I'll be eager to see you guys In-game :D
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