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Unleash the Power Within

Aiden Flux / Apr 22, 2012
The Coruscant Vanguard is the largest Heavy-RP guild on the Shien server, despite this we also are one of the most tight-knit and well-organized (not to mention well-rounded) guilds able to tackle PvE Flashpoints, Questing, and Operations; PvP both under-50 and 50; and not to mention the Roleplay events that we regularly have whether on small scale or larger guild organized/sponsored events.

We want to encourage our members to further deepen our ties by continuing to work together with group activities. To facilitate this I will be implementing a new and rigorous method to reward and create further incentives for kindness and growing the guild's mission for Unity, Respect, and Diplomacy.

These new ways to reward those who add to the guild bank, take members on Flashpoint runs, and get geared for operations will be through guild ranks. So far they have been difficult and elusive. Very few have even made it above Vanguard. I won't make it easy, but it will be more obtainable to the many who want to contribute but have felt the current ways are too time consuming.

I have said it to a few but I want to make a general announcement. The Operation Runs are not meant to reward only the people who can go on them and bring them down, but this was not being conveyed and people may have felt left out. So I now am making it so that all Biometric Alloys that drop during operations will not be randomed off anylonger, they will be taken by the Guild Lead or the Operation Leader if the Guild Leader is not present to place into the bank. Yet since these are such expensive and helpful items I will be holding onto them and giving them out to members who do help others do Flashpoints on Hardmode, and participate in other group activities, or make an RP event for the guild and plan to use the item to get gear for participating in HMs or Operations either for theirself or another member.


Question time.

Are there any other methods of gaining rank?
I.E Making gear for people, helping people on heroics, etc?

What ranks are there? How are the obtained? How are things that warrant a rank increase recorded or reported? Are the effects only OOC, or are they IC as well? What options are available for lower level players or new members of the guild?

I can go on and on, but answering some of these question will help keep thing clear. I also have a few suggestions if they are needed but won't offer them unless asked because it's not my place.

Sev/ OOC: Bren
Aiden Flux
Certainly Sevold, if people go to the Guild Lead and say that you've been particularly helpful and often and why/how and think you deserve recognition (of their own volition) that has gotten people promoted in the past on many occasions.

Once I promoted someone based on an IC interaction to Enforcer, but that's not very typical to happen.

The ranks are listed in the Forums here. It tells how they are obtained as well. They are recorded in the guild bank, through regularly interacting with guild members, and through what gear you have obtained. They are IC and OOC effects. The options available to new and low members are listed as well as we have many who are already Vanguard and (just about ready for) Enforcer level. In fact, one of our fastest ranking members made Officer in less than a month. It just takes dedication, initiative, and consistency.

Keep on asking questions, I am always ready to give answers. All have been provided's rare I find a question I haven't already answered on the forums. Yet, that also takes some time to go through them all at this point, but I do encourage people to familiarize themselves with the threads. Even not being a member of the site allows for access to read them.
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