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Upcoming and Ongoing RP

Aiden Flux / Apr 25, 2012
The Deserenox RP Event has been a wonderful success within the guild. It goes to show that any member can create compelling and inclusive RP stories for guild members as long as they take some initiative and reach out to people. Thank you Tiergan for being the wonderful and shining example others can follow. Even with a busy schedule you didn't let it diminish what you were capable of accomplishing.

Read up on Details here for the Friday Event.

The next RP Event is this Friday in regards to the Archangel Accord which many will remember we were called to for an alliance RP in the Jedi Temple ruins not too long ago. Though IC-ly the TCV was underwhelmed with their allies, they were also aware of being the first line of defense for any movements or plans made by the Sith Empire and will be actively answering the "Call to Arms" Aiden shall make when he ICly conveys his confirmation of their precise activities on Tatooine.

Hope to see you all (or many for those who can make it) Friday Night! The official event starts at 9 PM but the organizer wants us all there by 8:30 PM for explanation purposes, so for our guild RP, etc. I'll be starting it and organizing the gathering at 8 PM to get everyone primed to go.

Caution: Non-50's who want to go to the event understand this is an RP-PvP event.



What's this picture of?
Aiden Flux
Oh it's a picture of a peculiar new set of Sith who are particularly more powerful and most likely going to be part of the next Operation BioWare does. I forget their name but I will find it.
I think you're referring to The Dread Masters, Aiden. :P
They look HORRIFYING. D:
Dread Masters? I didn't know they were set in the TOR timeline. How bout those Jedi Knights that wore red? Who are they? I don't remember.
Aiden Flux
Yeah The Dread Masters!!! Haha, as for the Jedi who wore Red I haven't come across them at all!
Awww, wish I could make it! Darn Cabaret making me miss the fun stuff! :(
You really think the Dread Masters will be the next Operation, Aiden? I figured they'd be the last one before an actual expansion considering we've had two Ops now with connection to them. Seems to me we'd have another Op or two that will revolve around makign our way toward them before actually confronting them. But I guess we'll see!
Aiden Flux
Hahah yeah! Time to see if I'm as psychic as my character ;)
Chat Noir
The Jedi Who Wore Red....isn't that a musical
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