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~*~Incoming Transmission~*~

Aiden Flux / Apr 28, 2012
Members of the Vanguard, this is Commander Flux, it would appear our initial intel was indeed false information. After mounting a successful offensive on Tatooine from the Salara Outpost, Keeper Vashon privately detained a member of the Sith Assault Party and has sense learned that they were specifically after the Stardream Crash Site and not interested in securing Tatooine itself.

As many of you know, the Stardream is the ship that carried the Rhakghoul Plague and made its final resting place the Dune Sea in an attempt to eliminate those carrying it on board as all was loss. Now that the plague has subsided and the Containment Committees have withdrawn their Forces and Officers, the Empire most likely deemed it an opportune time to seize hold of any information that was still hidden or secrets to harvesting and weaponizing the Rhakghoul Plague as the scientist who began all this has.

It was a great victory for the Accord to have repelled the "Obsidian Crusade" as they have become to be called. The detainee also had no knowledge of the spirit who has wreaked havoc within our ranks with its mind altering effects. Stay ever vigilant, my visions of the future are once again becoming clearer. We will surmount this trial and gain in ever increasing strength in our Crusade against all darkness in this galaxy.



Chat Noir
This is awesome....I hope he stopped and said hello to Yazmine who has been on tatooine during and after the outbreak doing relief work.

Im actually writing a cool little 3 part story around it that I will make sure totaly fits into these parameters.

Its going to be roughly based around Lawrence of Arabia ^.^
Aiden Flux
Totally Chat! It'll be exciting to see the story :)
Chat Noir
and now Vashon gets to have a minor cameo 8)
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