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Under New Management

Khemiq Toth / May 14, 2012
As everyone should know by now Aiden, our fearless leader, mentor and friend, has stepped down. He encouraged us all to become better people and to treat everyone, guildies or otherwise, with Respect.

Aiden, on behalf of The Coruscant Vanguard, be safe, have fun and keep in touch. We will miss you!

In a related note: Jetalon has been overwhelmingly picked by his peers and friends to take up the mantle as the guild leader for The Coruscant Vanguard. He has some big shoes to fill but we can all rest assured that he will lead us into the future wisely and do us proud!

We are opening up a new chapter in our story for The Coruscant Vanguard. By following the three tenets of Respect, Unity and Diplomacy we will persevere and prosper. For the Vanguard!


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