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The Coruscant Vanguard's New Home

Jetalon / Jun 13, 2012
The Coruscant Vanguard is moving!

I'd like to thank Shien for being a wonderful home in its time. It was an exceptional choice for me, and I hope you all will agree, whether you followed Aiden here from before launch, joined a friend, or - like me - if you randomly chose it out of the available RP servers. I know I certainly am not regretting where Lady Luck had me cast my lot.

Looking forward, I am hoping that a robust new population will make organization and participation in events and gameplay that much easier. For more information on the move, please check the forum post that will detail my thought process as well as instruct you how to proceed.

The Vanguard will remain on Shien for anyone wishing to stay behind, though not in any in-character fashion. As far as the move goes ICly, there's no logical reason to assume anything has changed - in fact, the server itself is a completely beyond-the-fourth-wall concept, and should be treated with IC ignorance.

Thanks for your understanding and patience, everyone. If you can contact someone outside of the game who is not currently playing, please do so to give them an idea of what is happening, and point them here.


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