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Aiden Flux / Feb 24, 2012
The Imperials have done it finally but they cannot let their secret come to light! We're depending on the many in the Republic to stand against this treachery and expose the Empire for what it truly is. The Voss Communications in the Gormack Lands is our only hope for securing the intel to even hope the Voss may consider their stance of neutrality and bring them to the war on the side of the Republic.

Click Here For Information on this special RP-PvP Event

Aiden Flux / Feb 23, 2012
Yes, it is true! Your guild leader is turning 21! (For the 5th time....) So math aside, it's going to be a fun filled day of good times and good laughs as usual. Definitely a day to take it easy. Yet, this is not just a Shameless Plug (...or is it?!)

Here in the Vanguard as we have always stated: we value our guildmates above all else and their happiness. So to celebrate these fantastic people who continue to make us the awesome Guild we have gotten the reputation for and to make us even closer as a guild family I have created a thread asking for those who are willing to post their birthdays so that we can set aside the day in honor of them. Whether you want to just have birthday wishes, maybe have us put on a special event for you, (maybe ask for lots of birthday cards with many credits inside?!!?! Just a thought.)

Haha, truly though, unity continues to stay at the forefront of our mission to maintain the quality of standard you've come to know and love (and expect!) And we deliver. Another show that a guild can be larger and fun and still bring everyone together whether you've been best friends for two years or two days and have it all feel the same. We are always open to more suggestions for how to bring the guild together IC or OOC, Aiden is here to listen to ya.

I always had a thing for hats...lost that one though!
The Happy Birthday Thread (Add Your Own)

More importantly there was once a small idea. That idea was to make a positive enviornment lead by an individual who would never show unkindness or cause disharmony to others. The problem was, this idea was only shared by one individual but that was the day 8 months ago that The Coruscant Vanguard was born. The ideals and practices of teamwork and camaraderie appealed to the many, the hopeful, and skeptic alike...and people said such a guild couldn't exist, especially not when made up of complete strangers who had no commonalities or history together, who had vastly different backgrounds, ages, and philosophical or societal views. However, I could not believe that was true, but only that most people didn't have it in them to make it true. Yet, some people were brave and daring and had a faith we all share now that a place like that really can be. So that tiny guild of one man with a message of unfailing devotion to any who would stand with him, became a guild that now stands out above all others on the Shien Server. Thanks guys for helping make it all possible. Some were here in the very beginning who are still here now and probably remember when we were six whole people without even the intention of a guild website. Boy do things change! What will the future bring next?

Aiden Flux / Feb 21, 2012
...unless you're an Imperial! Then you are just going to be dead when The Coruscant Vanguard gets a 4-Man Warzone group. We may be roleplayers at heart, but roleplayers are often times mature listeners and as we know, most of the PvP fanatics tend not to be so good at the listening. A little teamwork (and a ventrilo/mumble server) goes a long way.

To further facilitate and encourage members to join in all the various ways to stay united and tight-knit we now have a new voice-speak server with Mumble that has enough space for EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the guild! You don't have to have a mic to join in, it's so funny you can just listen and share in the laughs or respond in the guild's OOC channel, we still can read! The information for the server is listed -here-. Be sure to download Mumble if you do not have it, it's user-friendly, does not use resources much, and many who do know it can help you walk through any confusion.

We will always bring to our members the most versatile array of activities, events, and opportunities as possible. So no matter what you enjoy doing you will find others who enjoy it as much & will be more than happy to support you as a guildmate. Always be willing to communicate with your leadership and the great people here because that's the only way we can get you what you desire or need help with.

Also, we have many people still interested in Operations and running HMs more often. However, Mikael our Raid Officer is having a baby (wife got him knocked up.) Hahah, but really soon his wonderful child shall be born and has other life committments so his time with us shall be slightly diminished. Those who want to continue planning for these events ahead of time need to be very pro-active and see when people are available, who needs to be geared out of the ones who are, etc in order to be ready for the raid. Go Vanguard!
Aiden Flux / Feb 19, 2012
There is a new thread up now detailing the early adventures (and soon) up to the most recent Events transpiring with the Coruscant Vanguard. Each Chapter is essentially an event, whether an RP Event, RP Thread, Journal Entry that was particularly cool, or just an OOC instance that was important to the Guild both in-game and in real life. It is naturally told centered around its creator in story format, but that is where you come in! Your characters are (or will be, when it is the right chapter) introduced in the story as well but only as much as I could remember off the top of my head.

I encourage you to read the thread and see where your character is mentioned, and if you want a larger part of the entry about your character or what they did, or I got something wrong writing it, please message me with the preferred entry of your character that would fit generally in the location where I have it now. You can even include a screenshot of your character to personify that moment in their lives (be sure to add a caption beneath it so all know what's happening.)

It can be as detailed or not as you'd like it! No limits. This is YOUR story, so you must take an active hand in making sure others see it, because the purpose of the thread is to provide information for newcomers what they've missed so far and can learn, but also for when people worry about missing an event, it will be added in immediately after its conclusion (once I catch up in adding entries.) So no one will have to wonder what happened or how they can get their character to fit in!
Aiden Flux / Feb 16, 2012
A stellar RP Event, well-done all who came. Thank you, your presence made it all the more challenging and interesting for being there. To those who could not, there is always more in the works and each seeks to be more involving and creative than the last. Your characters each play a part in making this happen, so don't be afraid to spin your own stories and get the guild involved. Like Althia found out, who knows when the next event might just be all about your character!

Aiden Flux / Feb 15, 2012
As a heavy-RP guild that allows for darker elements as well as the light to take root in our storyline, it's also important to keep strong characters of light who can be resilient in swinging the tide. Only you can control where the story goes, and as the Tribunal RP Event shows be careful what direction you take your character as repercussions against them can be very real!

I love those who have been coming forward with RP Event ideas. Please remember to have a complete and concrete suggestion when presenting it to the Guild Leader. You need to have all involved, how to execute it, time and date preference, etc all thought out before. If the OK is given for an event you have to be able to make it happen and lead it. I also would like to remind others as some have done without prompting, you can make a personal story event and just ask others to jump in and get involved impromptu! We are all here for one another, don't be shy. If you can't ask your guild family to RP with you, who can you ask?

Also, if you see a member who is particularly kind, good, giving, helpful, etc., and deserves recognition let us know please. I love to reward those who go above and beyond what the standard guidelines are for being a good member. If all you do is RP alot, that's nice, but it's an RP server in an RP guild, that won't take you very far alone. Look to others who have achieved rank of enforcer or above if you want to see how to get ahead.

Those wanting to make the Kaas City Regime more active, all have invite powers so you may recruit, etc as you see fit. Those wanting a new rival guild it's already in the works, so rest at ease, the guild leadership is handling all current guild story arcs.