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Guild Charter
What is the Kaas Imperial Legion?

[KILL] is a group of individuals united together by the shared desire to have a fun, relaxed, and mature atmosphere in their guild -- while also feeling encouraged to experience all the various ways to enjoy BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic in their own way and pace. Built on the principles of Unity, Diplomacy, and Respect the guild members strive to always remain drama free and deliver the level of quality roleplay the Roleplaying Community has come to crave and expect (and we do it while bashing in the heads of our enemies!)

What is the Purpose of the Kaas Imperial Legion?

The guild was created with several things in mind as its goal, but the most important things for maintaining optimal success and enjoyment for the members are what we will name here. First and foremost, the promise of a space that insures maturity is what we value and not just age (ie. must be this age to enjoy this guild) since age does not guarantee the lack or lack thereof maturity. Secondly a guild that values you, as a member, over the game itself (ie. we do not punish/limit you for having real life obligations, just keep us informed.) Third, we uphold a zero tolerance policy in regards to rude commentary/statements and actions about Gender, Race, Religion, and Sexual Orientation; if a person feels the need to be negative towards any group of people the Vanguard is not the place for them. Above all else we want everyone to feel comfortable and accepted here!

What are the Rules for the Kaas Imperial Legion?

There is little in the way of official rules (except for rank advancement and requirements) because we want to play with you, not police you. All guidelines are things that, we would hope, are basic kindnesses one would do regardless.

  • Be Good to Others -- Slinging insults, belittling, loot stealing, etc is frowned upon whether it's to members or other people outside the guild. A little kindness goes a long way, even when someone else acts ignorant.
  • Communicate -- Your Guild Leader and Guild Officers are here for you. We want you to come to us with any and everything, good or bad, so that we can help improve a situation/guild practice you don't like or continue/encourage ones you do.
  • Teamwork -- Everyone says they want to have a close-knit guild but the only way to achieve that is to also be part of making it feel that way. Offer to help others, craft items, group with one another, listen to each other, and Officers/Council Members will be mindful of chats to be sure no one ever feels ignored or overlooked in chat as well, but if you're not one and know the answer to a question or see a new member join up always help em feel included and welcomed.
  • Reputation -- Always keep in mind whether you're the Leader or the newest recruit, you're still a representative and advocate for the guild. Friendly behavior, quality roleplay, and general skill in gameplay really sets the stage for how the server responds to us and views us. You are the stepping stone to opening up limitless doors of opportunity for the guild, which means for yourself too!

What is the Leadership/Officer Structure like for the Kaas Imperial Legion?

The key to the successful infrastructure of [KILL] lies in its ability to be versatile. At the top of the Chain of Command is the Executor. He sets the general plan and goals for the guild at will but input from each and every member regardless of rank influences how that develops and changes over time.

Next come the four Guild Officers who uphold a pledge to insure a strict code of conduct for the fair treatment of its members and tending to carrying out the desired goals of the Executor in the manner most in line with their understanding of his practices.

Finally, there are seven Inner Consulate Members, who are not Officers, but do have invaluable roles in the Vanguard. Unlike the Officers, members who reach this rank are not picked by the Commander but by the Guild Members themselves (after they advance high enough to get voted into the position.) Once the positions for Council are filled, the guild members also have the chance to vote in or out members in role-play oriented ballot events to always insure the best representatives for their interests are always there.

The Leadership model for the guild is to show that all people count equally and without bias.

How Do I Become the Kaas Imperial Legion?

Speak with the Executor or an Officer in the game, and/or register here (with in-game details on your character after launch) and we'll get back to you in-game on your character provided in the submission whom the created story entailed.

A definite IC interview will have to be held (after launch) in order to insure roleplay quality if you're a new/hopeful member.