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Manakeep 728x90
(May 09, 2015)
Aw! Sometimes I just think about the guild and how amazingly fun TCV was. Miss you all!
(Feb 04, 2015)
I bow my head in memoir to this once amazing guild. I hope all my fellow members are doing well in their lives.
(Dec 04, 2012)
Want to join the Imp guild? Don't forget to check out the site as well!
(Dec 03, 2012)
Free to play is being dumb and not letting me join the channel. I'm Althèa on Imperial side. The è is alt,0232.
(Dec 03, 2012)
I have an Empire character, Elana, if the guild is on Empire now.
(Dec 03, 2012)
So, I haven't been on lately, computer problems. Where's everyone at?
(Nov 29, 2012)
Aiden did you make a guide for ranks? I wanted to make sure people are at the right level. ^_^
(Nov 29, 2012)
Oh Arnan yeah! Totally join up. Oh Bron is KCR on Ebon Hawk now too? And the channel is /cjoin KILLOOC
(Nov 28, 2012)
If we are going to start this up again on Imp side I would absolutely love to come back and be apart of it
(Nov 26, 2012)
KCR was made on Imp side (and somehow the leader position fell to me?). I can hand it off to Aiden or whoever.
(Nov 26, 2012)
Is there a channel imp side? I remember something but I can't recall it at the moment.
(Nov 25, 2012)
*hugs Alvina and Jereth* <33
(Nov 21, 2012)
Wow a Wild Aiden is back!
(Nov 12, 2012)
Aiden! ^.^ Long time no see!
(Nov 12, 2012)
It'll be cool beans seeing you all on Ebon Hawk. Not sure what I'll end up back as @_@ I can't use a single character name I had before. (And that's cool so many of ya are on GW2 ^_^)
(Nov 12, 2012)
If you're coming back to SWTOR, I'm still playing on Ebon Hawk as Evén and Abbard (pub side) and Architect (sith).
(Nov 12, 2012)
For anyone who is on Guild Wars 2, I'm Althena.1328 on the Tarnished Coast server, hit me up and we can rp.
(Nov 07, 2012)
I'm coming back to swtor as soon as they open up the Free to Play.
(Oct 05, 2012)
Throwing up a flare here - if you are playing GW2, I'm valkyriebait .9235 . Find me, and we'll RP!